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Aquabella quartzite, delivers an effortlessly elegant look.

Louise Blue

Louise Blue, a rich blend of blue and purple, exudes elegant sophistication.


Transform Your Space with the Unique Beauty of Amazzonite.

Azurra Bay

Azurra Bay quartzite brings an elegant touch to any space.

Belvedere Quartzite

This exquisite fine-grained quartzite features a captivating deep black background.

Blue Bahia

Unrivaled Beauty: The Rare Blue Granite Jewel.

Botanic Green

Green-hued Quartzite, nature's stunning marvel.
Taj Mahal Quartzite countertop kitchen

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal quartzite elevates spaces into realms of art.

Cristalo del Mare

Cristallo Del Mare Quartzite: Brazilian beauty, artfully patterned.

Quartz Calacatta Gold

Inspired from Italy’s most famous calacatta marble.
Sea Pearl Quartzite Stone Basyx

Sea Pearl

Sea Pearl Quartzite is known for its beautiful, subtle color palette.

Sodalite Blue

Sodalite, an artistic symphony of blues, mirrors the majesty of planet Earth.

Vittara Crystal

Blend of gray, tan, white: sophistication refined.


The pristine whiteness and incredible durability of Quartzite.

White Pearl Extra

This White Pearl Extra quartzite is an exquisite stone.
Blue Storm Quartzite

Blue Storm Extra

The Blue Storm quartzite is like a tempest of elegance.

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