Do I need appointment to visit the warehouse?

No appointment is required. We recommend, if possible, that you bring furniture color samples, photos of different stones that you have researched online and paint swatches of the room.

Do I need to have hired a Fabricator before visiting Stone Basyx?

You don’t need to. You can still walk around the warehouse and make your selections, but we will not be able to put any slabs on hold for you and/or send fabricators your information. In order for you to get any pricing, you will need to have hired a fabricator.

Can I select a specific slab for my project?

Yes, if the slab is available, you can select it in a specific bundle. Each product is unique. And remember, at Stone Basyx we will move slabs for you.

How do price levels work?

We don’t disclose prices to homeowners, we work on a price level basis. In order to receive a full quote, you will have to ask your fabricator for it. Once you have made a selection with us, your fabricator will contact you with a quote.

Our price ranges are ranked as 1-8  with $ signs below:

$$$$$$$$ (most expensive)
$ (least expensive)

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